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Update: Friday On Young Dreams (Episode 284-286)

Mayank’s family says they will think and let him know what to do. Rachana comes and takes Mayank on a side. She tells some plan to him, but Mayank doesn’t think it will work. Rachna says it will. In night, everyone is at dining table. Rachna gives Akash’s favorite food to him, but he is not in mood to eat. Rachna says, oh no if he doesn’t eat, then Mayank’s plan will fail. Everyone asks him a lot so in end he eats, and he likes it as well. Mayank is happy. After dinner, Rachna gives banarasi paan to Akash and he likes that as well. He says he missed that a lot in Australia. Someone asks who brought that paan.. and when Mayank’s name comes, Akash stands up and leaves from there.

Some scene between Rachna and Chaya to promote Fair and Lovely product. Not doing update for that part.Mayank comes and Rachna gives him CDs. Mayank plays the CD and leaves with Rachna. Mayank by mistake leaves his keys there. Akash comes there and he likes the song. But he then sees the keys. Mayank is hoping everything gets alright. Gunjan tells him, everything will be fine.. just to be confident in front of her dad. Right then Akash comes and throws CDs at him. He asks what’s going on? Are you trying to impress me? You think I am a kid? What do you think I will get happy by banarasi paan? and now these songs.. I was right that you can do anything to win my daughter.. ridiculous behavior. Gunjan supports Mayank and says he is not trying to trap me.. this was my idea.. he knew this would backfired. Akash tells Mayank, the girl who didn’t raise her voice in front of her dad.. today she is screaming against him. Wah she is learning very good stuff in your company. Gunjan again takes Mayank’s side, but Akash says, he is fed up of Mayank and faster they leave this house, better it will be. He leaves. Mayank also leaves. Gunjan tells Rachana, now there is only one way left which will make everything like before.

Akash and Shayl come in Mayank s room and he is missing. Akash is furious. Gunjan is telling Mayank to run away and that the car is ready he refuses saying that this will make them more far from their destination.She tries to convince him a lot but he is adamant. Gunjan sits in the car and leaves.Rachna is telling SHayl she has no idea where Gunjan is but Shayl does not believe her.Rachna says even if they ran away then they both know what they did. The family is tensed while Akash wants to inform the police. Dayal and Shayl says it will bring bad name for the family and the girl but Akash refuses and says Mayank ne Gunjan ko bhaga diya. Seema is hurt and says even Gunjan is equally responsible and it takes two hands to clap. Seema is emotional and everyone is tensed . Gunjan remembers her dad insulting Mayank and drives rashly. She hit s a lorry and screams Mayank at the same time Mayank clutches his heart and feels something. Akash is at the door he is going to search for Gunjan but Mayank enters. Everyone asks where Gunjan is he asks if she is not at home. Akash accuses Mayank but Mayank says that they were together some time back. He says they had an argument and she left Mayank is scared and leaves on his bike to search. Gunjan is unconscious and the fuel is leaking the crowd around her is scared as it s dangerous for them. Mayank reaches the spot and sees the upturned car. He screams Gunjan the crowd tries to stop him but he goes towards the car. H manages to go in and is worried as there is blood and she is unable to listen to him.

The Gargs and Akash are searching for Gunjan and a man tells them not to go straight as an accident has happened and resulted in a traffic jam. Akash still tells they wil go yhat way. Gunjan says Mayank that she is leaving and going far away. Mayank says she has to get up for thei rlove. Gunjan tells him to call her dad and apologize on her behalf he tells her she should get up and say sorry herself. Gunjan tells Mayank to go but he says if they will go they will go together. He is unable to remove her seatbealt so he cut s it with a glass piece. The family arrives they see the site Shayl says it cant be Mayank and Gunjan. Seema still goes and shocked to see Gunjan and Mayank. The entire family is crushed to see the scene. Everyone is shocked to see Gunjan and Mayank everyone is in tears . The fuel is leaking continuously but Mayank is trying to cut the seat belt. Mayank tells everyone to go back even Gunjan tells him to leave Rachna also does not want to go . The police come and tell Mayank to go out but he does not listen he says its impossible to get rid of him. He asks Gunjan if she trusts him and his love. The police asks Mayank to go out he says they will come together or leave together. The police is stopping the family. The fire has started everyone Wants Mayank to come out and the police drag him out but he comes back again inside the car. Some police is trying to put of the fire. Mayank finally cuts the beltand the car bursts. Everyone is heartbroken and crying looking at the remains of the car. Tum hi ho background and past memories of Mayank Gunjan are shown. Everyone is crying

There is fog everywhere Mayank comes holding Gunjan in his arms. Rachna shows everyone the scene everyone is relieved . The family runs towards them Mayank also collapses. Akash is holding Gunjan the Ambulance comes the doctor says they need to be transferred to ICU both are on stretcher Mayank is still taking her name. They reach the hospital the doctor says its an emergency operation for Gunjan . Mayank does not want to take treatment he wants to see Gunjan . The operation starts the family is praying outside. 
Dayal tries to console Akash and Shayl. He tells Akash nothing will happen to Gunjan and that s a promise Akash says its because of his decision Gunjan reacted that way. The doctor says he has done his job and it depends how her body will react and she is kept under observation.

Mayank asks if Gunjan is fine when no one replies he removes his drip and runs out as she feels something is wrong. Seema Prabhu try to stop him but he comes out.The nurse says she cant say anything and Mayank comes and sees from the window Rachna says no power can take Gunjan away from them. Mayank feels a hand on his back he turns to see Gunjan.

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