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Update: Monday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 80-82)

Raghav walk past Prem and Sahil and they fail to remember him. Pakhi sees Raghav in her college campus and discovers that he had come there to hire some interns for his firm. She chooses to apply for the job. Kalpi and Pakhi shows up for the interview together where Raghav affronts Kalpi. 

Manda Tai put-down Pakhi and Kamala comes to her rescue. Pakhi finds out about Sahil's notice to the Chawl's residents. She contends with Sahil and Prem for the same. 

Prem files a complaint of robbery against Kamala yet Pakhi concedes that she had done the crime. Vitthal is excited to see that a popular and successful lawyer had consented to fight the case against Prem. Kalpi overhears the same lawyer conversing with Prem.

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