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Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 287-289)

There is fog everywhere Mayank comes holding Gunjan in his arms. Rachna shows everyone the scene everyone is relieved . The family runs towards them Mayank also collapses. Akash is holding Gunjan the Ambulance comes the doctor says they need to be transferred to ICU both are on stretcher Mayank is still taking her name. They reach the hospital the doctor says its an emergency operation for Gunjan . Mayank does not want to take treatment he wants to see Gunjan . The operation starts the family is praying outside .

Dayal tries to console Akash and Shayl. He tells Akash nothing will happen to Gunjan and that s a promise Akash says its because of his decision Gunjan reacted that way. The doctor says he has done his job and it depends how her body will react and she is kept under observation.

Mayank asks if Gunjan is fine when no one replies he removes his drip and runs out as she feels something is wrong. Seema Prabhu try to stop him but he comes out.

The nurse says she cant say anything and Mayank comes and sees from the window Rachna says no power can take Gunjan away from them. Mayank feels a hand on his back he turns to see Gunjan.

Gunjan is talking to Mayank but he realizes it s a dream.The doctor says Gunjan is not responding to treatment. The family is shocked outside and they are trying to revive her by shock treatment. Mayank is not able to believe and the doctors have lost hope and Mayank barges in Akash gives him permission. Mayank tells her he cant live without her the doctor wants him to leave the family is all emotional. He is scolding her to open her eyes or he will come to her he says he loves her and holds her hand everyone is crying.

The monitor starts making a noise and Mayank calls the doctors. The doctors try to revive her again and Gunjan finally is out of danger. Akash hugs Mayank and Gunjan sees that. The family is happy , the doctors says in so many years of practice he never saw this its a miracle. Akash says not a miracle it s Mayank s love and thanks him. He joins hands and Mayank says not to as he is older than him. Mayan have an eyelock.

Shayl is decorating Arti ki thali and Dholu says they have come. Mayan on the door and Shayl performs Arti. Rachna and Dholu have a surprise and want them to close their eues and when they open it s a decorated board with welcome home and a Mayan Picture. Akash says even he has a surprise and gives him gold coins. He says that Mayank is his son from today. The whole family is excited and Gunjan hugs him. Seema calls Gunjan and Gunjan remembers the promise seema asked her and is hesitant. Seema comes and herself and says the promise I asked you is now over and she accepts her as a DIL. Gunjan touches her feet and they hug.

Shayl gte s sweets while Seema is feeling left out. Sangeeta raelizes something is weird. Seema wants to feed Mayank but Shayl does. Seema comes to kitchen and remembers Akash s words that Mayank is his damaad now. Sangeeta comes and hugs her and Seema says that Mayank s happiness is her happiness. Sangeeta asks if everything is happening soon and Seema says that even if Gunjan is a litttle fast she is like wax and is happy that Gunjan took permission from her. Sangeeta asks about Shayl but Seema replies Shayl is Gunjan s maasi and the girl s side has to bend towards the boy s and they are happy.

Gunjan apologizes to Dholu that because of her they are eating bland food. Seema is happy that Gunjan will cook and she will get a holiday Shayl says only saturdays and Sundays as Gunjan will go to college. Seema Sangeeta exchange a look. she A letter has come for Mayank.

Bua telling Mayank a letter came for him. He asks what letter and takes it and opens it. Seema asks what is it. Mayank excuses himself. Everyone wonders what it is and he comes and tells Dholu his treat is confirmed and Dholu asks what happend and Mayank says he got the job. Everyone are happy. Seema says its really good news and was sure he would get the job and that God listenend to her prayers. Akash asks where is it and he says its a new company and that the salary is good and that they’ve asked him to join immediatly. Shail says when good things happen they happen all at once. She says that Gunjan is lucky for him. Mayank agrees saying she is very lucky for him. Seema looks disturbed. Dholu tells him not to forget his treat and Mayank says he won’t. Seema gets upset and walks away. Akash says that just like his job problem he hopes that his divorce will be sorted too and Mayank says not to worry that it will. Chaya calls Rachana about doing the fairness test and they go to the centre and promote Fair & Lovely (won’t go into the details). In jail, Charu is feeling really hot. She says neither can she sleep or stay awake. She sees a fan and its directed at the policeman. She wakes the policeman who is sleeping. He wakes up and asks him to turn the fan towards her. He says the fan is for him and gives her a newspaper to fan herself. Charu takes the newspaper and fans herself.

Charu looks at the paper and sees a picture of Mayank carrying Gunjan to safety in the papers. She reads the title that says a lover saved his lover’s life. She reads the article that says not caring about his life Mayank Garg helped the police in to saving his lover Gunjan from a burning car. She gets angry and squashes the paper and says the world doesn’t know that Mayank is married. She says that she will put an end to the love story. Gunjan says sleep is not coming to her. It all feels like a dream. First her accident and then Mayank rescuing her and then Akash finally accepting him and now that she and Mayank are together. Rachana pinches her and she yells in pain and says what is she doing and Rachana tells her is so that she realizes that its real and not a dream that Mayank and Gunjan are going to get married and that she is getting better. Mayank comes into the room. Gunjan says all is perfect except for one thing. Rachana asks what is it and Gunjan says she feels like dancing but can’t. Mayank says not to worry as he is at her service. He says she wants to dance right and puts his hand out and tells her to come and tells her to stand on his feet. Gunjan stands on his feet and he starts swaying and dancing. He asks how is it and Gunjan laughs and smiles saying to leave her and that he’s mad and he says that he is for her love and says she knows it. Gunjan says he just came back from the hospital and shouldn’t put much strain on his feet and says to let her go. He says when she is close to him there is no pain and its all fun and he enjoys it. Gunjan smiles. Rachana says they look cute together and says she will take a picture. Mayank tells her to take it and he’ll do another step and carries Gunjan. Rachana clicks away. He swings around with Gunjan in his arms. Gunjan says enough and to put her down and Rachana keeps taking pictures and they both smile. Seema comes and sees what is happening and looks angry. Rachana tells Mayank its perfect. Seema calls out to Mayank and he puts Gunjan down. She says what is this and is there any values left. She says to think of the elders. She says that at least Mayank should have some brains and gives a stare to Gunjan. She says doing like this in the open is it nice. Shail comes there. She asks Seema what happened and she says she is reminding Mayank that he is not married to Gunjan yet and to stay in his limits. She says look that he is in the girl’s room this late. Shail says after so much has happened they never really got to meet each other and that’s why. Seema angrily walks off. Shail says that his mother is right and says that their love shouldn’t make anyone else upset and afterall she is his mother.

Mayank walks off and goes to Seema. He asks why is his sweet and lovely mother angry and says that he made a mistake and won’t do in the future. He tells her not to get angry and that today is a special day for him. Everyone agreed to his and Gunjan’s marriage and that he also got a job and all this good news in one day. Seema says she hopes that God always blesses him with happiness. But it depends if he wants to include his mother in his happiness or not. He says what is she saying and is it possible that she is not there with him in his happiness. Seema says because it is happening. After all the congratulatory wishes and after hugging everyone did he have the time for her. Mayank holds his ears and apologizes and Shail looks from afar. He says why this formality with his mother and that she should be allowed this much liberty. He asks her to forgive him. She says ok but if things are like this now then after marriage would he remember her also. Mayank asks why is she thinking like that and that she is the first women in his life his mother the great and nobody can take her place. Seema is happy and hugs him. Prabhu tells Mayank that the lawyer will meet him outside the policestation. Dayal asks if they should follow him and Mayank says no not to trouble himself as its hot outside. Shail comes and feeds him something sweet and blesses him. Gunjan gives him a thumbsup and mouths good luck and he nods in acknowledgment and leaves. Akash tells Gunjan to relax and that it will solve. Gunjan says she knows. Charu is sleeping, Mayank and the lawyer come. Mayank calls out to Charu. She turns and sees him and looks angry. She asks him why is he here. She says that he and the lawyer are wasting time as she is not going to divorce him. She says with difficulty she managed to sleep and now he has disturbed that also. He says he knew she wouldn’t sign the divorce papers and says he brought something for her. He takes out a Ganesh idol and Mayank says it is said that one should install Ganesh in a new house. He says for the next 10 years the jail will be her house. He tells her to keep it and hopefully she will become a better person. Mayank places the idol on her hand.

She says her father will get her out in 2 days. He tells her to get out of this misunderstanding as fast as possible as she tried to kill Rachana and the police have evidence and that for this kind of crime even 10 years of jail is not enough. He says learn to love this place or get ready to sign the divorce papers or suffer in jail for 10 years and regret. Mayank says his offer to take back the case if she agrees to sign the divorce papers. He hands her the divorce papers. She looks at it smiles and then says that now he is blackmailing her and its of no use as she won’t sign the papers. He says fine then congratulations for getting 10 years and have a great stay and walks away. He looks worried.

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