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Update: Friday On Love Oh Love (Episode 57-59)

Avni's family question Avni and Ankita about the truth. Avni doesn’t know what to say. Arpita comes forward and says she will tell the truth. She says there was indeed someone in her room, but before she says further, Raj intervenes and takes situation in his hands and says it was him. Arpita’s mehendi color didn’t come good and he went to help her. When he came out, Avni saw him. Avni nods yes. Arpita says that Ritz is his cousin who tried his best to spoil her marriage and on the other hand it’s Raj whom she just met few days ago and he did so much for her. Bauji asks them to forget all this now.

Suket now scolds Raj and asks him not to interfere in their personal matters. Raj cannot believe it. Bauji goes to Raj and thanks him for everything and asks him not to take Suket’s words serious. Raj apologizes to all and thank them as well. He leaves. Avni wishes she could tell everything to her dad so he doesn’t misunderstand Raj. Seeing Avni upset, everyone tries to cheer her up. They take family photograph. Later, Akshat and Arpita thank Avni. Avni tells them Raj deserves all that. Avni and Arpita hug and then Akshat and Arpita go to their room.

They promise each other not to lie and always love each other. Akshat gives Arpita milk and they spend some romantic time together. Avni is thinking about all that Raj did for her brother’s marriage. She decides to call him, but at the same time she receives a call from Ritz who tells him that he is going to beat hell out of Raj to take revenge. Avni gets worried. She tries to call Raj, but in vain. She comes out and everyone is sleeping, so she herself goes to inform Raj. She tries to call Devika, but in vain. She then takes an auto. Raj is in his car. Avni tries to contact him, but no luck.

It is night. Avni is travelling in the rikshaw when the rickshaw stops with a jerk. The driver tells her they have run out of fuel. She pays his fair and starts running on the road calling Raj. Raj picks up the call while driving. He had just said Hello when a car blocks his path. Some men holding bamboo sticks in hands comes out of it and charge towards Raj. He comes out of the car and asks who they were. There Avni is still on the call worried why is Raj not speaking to her. It was Ritz against Raj. Raj says he still not fulfilled with the trouble he went through tonight. But Ritz motioned his men to attack him. Avni comes running there and calls Raj. Raj and Ritz turns around to see as she shouts Raj!. Raj tells her to go back. Raj calls Avni to go back. While Ritesh tries to hurt Raj, Avni comes in between to help Raj. Ritz says this is exactly what he wanted and comes near Avni.

Raj struggles with the men while Ritz says Hello to Avni and asks him that she is not afraid at all today. Avni says that she has learned when dogs are after Ritz, he should see them in their eyes instead of running away. Ritz tells her she is very pretty and tries to touch her face. She hit him with her bag, he falls down as she beat him. Then Raj had freed himself. He beat the men with the stick while Ritz gets hold of Avni’s bag while Raj beats him. Ritz slap Avni due to which Raj beats him further. They run away.

Raj says thanks to Avni for helping him save himself from them. She sees his injured arm and bandage it. He thanks her again but she says that she had learned friendship from him. How could she have left him like that. Raj is surprised at her compliment, and is ecstatic when she calls him her friend and he does not listen to a word she said after that. She tells him that she is lucky to have him as friend. She asks “friends forever?”. They shake hands.
Suket is awake while Bhavna is sleeping. Avni returns home. She hoped everyone is asleep and especially her dad is not worried because of her. Suket is drinking water in the kitchen thinking whether Avni was sleeping well or was worried. He goes into her room, and he finds out that she was not there. He calls her aloud.

Bhavna also wakes up and goes down to see Avni. She meets them at the main door. Suket calls,’Where did she go?’. Avni says she wont tell a lie. S went out to see Raj. Suket was angry but Bhavna moves forward to ask why did she go to see him. Avni tells them the whole story how she over-heard Ritz and the fight. Bhavna says she should not have gone there alone, instead she should have wakes them. Avni says she wanted to go alone because she end her fears against Ritz. She says sorry to her mother. She asks ‘did she do right?’. Suket says, ‘She did the wrong as she left the house at this time of night and tells her to go back into the room’. He also tells Bhavna to explain his point of view to their daughter.

The next morning, Bhavna and Avni are sitting in the mandir (worshipping place). Avni asks that they should put the first colours of the day to their God, as they pray to them before doing any work? Her mother says yes. She again says sorry to her mother. Bhavna tells her that she should learn whatever her father tries to teach her. They would never have forgiven themselves if something had went wrong to her. But she should forget it today as it is Holi.

Bau ji comes there. Avni hugs him and happily greets him happy Holi. He prays that the colours of their relations remain the same. She complains that this time there is no one here to play colours with. Akshat and Abhay comes in and says she can't wait more to play Holi with her sister-in- law. Avni says she must have known his intentions thus hid herself. Bhavna says, No, she is preparing for the Holi foods. Avni goes to see the preparations. Bauji sends Abhay for his purse to give gift (Shagun) to Arpita for her first food at home. In the kitchen Avni tastes the kheer and tells Arpita that the sugar is very high. Arpita gets worried.

Arpita is worried that it's her first cooking and the food get wrong. What will everyone think. Avni says no one will think anything because she has already thought of a remedy. Bauji, Akshat and Abhay waiting for food. In the mandir, Bhavna tells Akshat and Arpita to pray but Bauji says that the three daughter-in- laws should do it. Then Bauji wish happy Holi to everyone. Bhavna greets him in return.

Avni announces that its the first cooking of her new Bhabi. Bhawna asks “did she put coconut in it?” Arpita starts to confess when she says You did it ver well. It tastes different but is delicious. Avni suggests that Akshit and Arpita should also take this food to Arpita’s parents. They will be very happy. Arpita excuses herself and leaves while everybody watches. Avni asks if she said something wrong? Bhavna says oh no! She didn't say anything wrong. Her parents had prayed to go to have ‘Darshan’ (visiting temples), and every girl wants to visit her parents at festivals. Bhavna says she’ll watch over her.

Arpita was in her room when Bhavna goes there. She says there’s no need to worry. She will soon adjust in this new house. Arpita asked her how much time did Bhavna take to adjust in the new environment? She remembers the difficulties she had to face. Arpita repeats her question while Bhavna is lost in thoughts, but a call interrupts her. It was Raj wishing happy Holi to Arpita. He invites them all to his place for Holi celebrations. Bhavna remembers her father that he liked this festival alot. Before Arpita could ask her, she says they won't be able to go to Raj’s place but he and Akshat must go. Avni comes rushing. She is worried if Arpita disliked what she just said. Arpita asked Bhavna if Avni could also join them for Holi. She permits her. Avni wonders that Raj is only a 3 member family. They must play it simply. She says she’ll also take her handy-cam as well.

Raj, his sister and jiju were playing Holi. There is great party arrangements when 
Arpita, Akshat and Avni arrives at Raj's place in order to celebrate holi in a grand manner. Madhuri and her brother greets them. Madhuri tells them that Raj is very tricky and no one can get hold of him in Holi. He tells them he is not like that and put colours on both Arpita and Akshat's faces and runs away. They run after him. Avni starts filming this. Akshat and Arpita plays Holi with each other.

Raj sees Avni filming the party. He shouts Happy Holi from behind. He says how can she go back without putting on colour. But she resists and tells him she is afraid of colours. He promises he will not by put colours on her nor will he allow anyone else. Madhuri and her husband comes from behind. They run from them. Avni resists Madhuri as well. Raj convinces her that she is missing the fun. Avni remembers what Madhuri told her about Raj, calls her name and put a handful of colour on his face. She enjoys the victory while Raj stand still. Madhuri also comes celebrating. They all paint each other with colours. Avni is about to fell in the tub when Raj holds her in his arms.

He sees that she is really afraid of colours so he drops all the colour powder from his hand.
Then Madhuri makes Sheru ( her husband ) eat the sweet (mithai). Shastri also come there. He tells Jashan that he especially comes there because their cooking is brilliant. He sees Khandelwal house is also there. Madhuri tells him that only Akshat, Arpita and Avni could come. He says he is looking for some good proposal for Avni as she is a good girl. Madhuri gets worried at this. Shastri ji tells them her parents asked him so but also requests Madhuri to keep it confidential. Madhuri tells him not to worry. She thinks to herself that it cannot happen.

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