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Update: Thursday On King Of Hearts (Episode 277-278)

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Update: Thursday On King Of Hearts (Episode 277-278)

Roshni is abducted and the family is concerned for her. In the meantime, Siddharth shows up at the scene and informs the police that he has the location of Roshni and Aisha. He additionally asserts that, this kidnapping was masterminded for Aisha however as Roshni was with her, she also got kidnapped in the process.

Durgadevi slaps Siddharth and claims that everything happened as a result of him. Afterward, Roshni and Aisha are seen abducted by three posse members. She asks the kidnappers to get medicines for Aisha as she has fever. It is also uncovered that the leader of the kidnappers does not consent to pay them as they have not done their work appropriately.


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