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Update: Thursday On Young Dreams (Episode 208-210)

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Update: Thursday On Young Dreams (Episode 208-210)

Next day morning Shail is waiting for Gunjan and Rachna on breakfast. Both of them come and starts breakfast but bothare silent. Shail asks them about their silence. But Gunjan avoids. Shail pampers Rachna that she should go college and not to fear because Gunjan would be there to help her to face reality. Rachna gets angry and opposes that she is able to take care of herself and does not need bodyguard. Shail asks her for her behavior but Rachna runs for college and Gunjan avoids question excusing the effect of past few days.Rachna with chhaya in college comes to know about valentine day. Chhaya again imagines about her valentine but Rachna tells that she likes what she is and she is better to be alone. They see Vihan flirting with another girl in canteen. Rachna goes near him and irritates himmaking aware that girl about Vihan. Vihan is about to leave Rachna but Rachna stops him telling that she would never marry with gunda like him. Vihan gets happy saying that he would be free from “behenji” like her.Gunjan and Rajeev come across and Rajeev appreciates her for her boldness. Gunjan thanks him for his support. Rajeev tells her that he has supported truth only. and says that Rachna is lucky getting sister like her, but Gunjan sees suddenly Rachna so she excuses Rajeev to leave and Rajeev goes. Vihan is hearing all thesebehind pillar and he sees also Rachna with Chhaya coming there. 

After Rajeev goes, he invites Gunjan and Rachna for valentine’s party in presence of Rachna. Gunjan becomes irritating and warns him not to become over smart. Vihan makes Rachna jealous flirting Gunjan but Gunjan answers him strictly that theyboth sisters have moved on. And denies invitation. Vihan challenges her that if they both have moved on, then they must attend party and then he leaves.Charu irritates Mayank for valentine day but Mayank answers her that valentine day is celebrated only with their beloved.Mayank is in dream and imagines proposing Gunjan and suddenly arrives Charu stopping both of them. He awakens and decides to solve the problem created between Charu, Gunjan and scene. Gunjan sees some boy proposing some girl. Then she thinks of his and Mayank scene, and afterwards ignores it. Rachna and Chaaya coming from stairs and after watching Gunjan she ignored her. Gunjan goes to solve all the matter between them but Rachna says she is notinterested in solving the matter. Vihaan gets happy after watching this.Mayank is discussing for some surprise on cell and ordering red roses, Chaaru listens his talks from the room’s window and gets happy after thinking that Mayank is planning all this for her. She goes and tells all to two witches. Seema does not knows about the Valentine’s day and asks about it. Chaaru clears it. Sangeeta thinks that it can’t be possible.Gunjan asks forRachna after the class to her classmate, but Rachna ignores after seeing Gunjan. Gunjan asks why she had turned other side after seeing her. Gunjan says they should live together for family, Rachna goes off and says she need not to tell anything, she herself will manage everything as she knows her family better than Gunjan.At home, Shail asks Rachna for Gunjan. 

Gunjan got present. Chaaru tells Rachna about her plannings for Valentine’s day. Gunjan also present there. Rachna ignores her and says she is not interested in all and goes in her room. Gunjan tells Chaaru not to talk such a rubbish behind her as she had a trauma recently.Chaaru smiles a devil look and says she said all this not for Rachna, but to jealous her. Dholu appeared and tells Gunjan that Mayank has called her on terrace tonight. Gunjan got shocked.Rachna in the room crying and thinking how Chaaru is also planning for Valentine’s day, goesto almirah and look at some gift and a card. Rachna has also prepared for Valentine’s day forVihaan, throws the gift in the dustbin. Shail appeared, asks Rachna about what has happened. She tells her that Vihaan has called her at Valentine’s party and adds that she will not go rather she don’t want to see his face. Shail tries to let her know that these kinds of problems will appear in his life again and again and added that she should be strong enough to face all the problems appearing in her life.At night, Gunjan was two sided about the decision to go on terrace or not as Mayank has called her and she goes. Here Gunjan on terrace searching for Mayank and got shocked after seeing the decorated terrace. Mayank appeared with roses and takes her to let her see the collage of her pics. Gunjan got happy after watching all this. She slipped and Mayank holded her and proposes her. Gunjan reminds her that she is married now. Mayank says that he has been married forcefully and with a wrong girl and asks her that she loves him now also.Mayank tells Gunjan that she want to finish his married life with Chaaru and want to get her in his life. Gunjan shocked to know this.

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