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Update: Friday On King Of Hearts (Episode 349-350)

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Update: Friday On King Of Hearts (Episode 349-350)

Raghu’s mother instructs Shabnam not to get intimate with Raghu till their wedding. Later, Shabnam tries to seduce Raghu/Siddharth. Siddharth tells her that they will get intimate after marriage. Shabnam thinks she has to check the bullet mark on his chest, and says marriage will happen later. She dances with him on a sensuous song since they finds an opportunity to get romantic. Roshni sees Shabnam dancing with Raghu sensually. She says you drank wine and is romancing. She drinks wine and gets jealous seeing them close. She comes there, pushes Raghu….Raghu thinks thank god. He asks her not to tie Shabnam and gives her hint. Roshni ties up Shabnam hands to a chair. Shabnam asks Raghu to help her. Roshni takes Raghu along with her. Raghu/Siddharth says I am someone’s wealth. Shabnam manages to frees her hand. Roshni takes him to her room. Siddharth says it seems my respect will not be saved. Roshnithen cries her heart out in front of Raghu that she will save his respect, calls him Siddharth and asks not to leave her. Siddharth gets emotional. Shabnam knocks on their door asking them to open the door. Roshni cries and tells that she is afraid without him. She asks him not to go and that chudailis calling him, but don’t go. I will take care of you and miss you very much. We will be together, and I will love you very much. She says I am your life and not that Shabnam asking him to understand.Simran asks Bunty where he is going with pillow and blanket.Bunty says nothing. 
Simran asks him to spend sometime with Kritika. She sees Kritika having hiccups and makes drinkfor them. She tells Bunty that it is a soft drink. Bunty gives the drink to them. Kritika drinks it and asks what is this. She says do you want to take my advantage, and falls asleep. Simran thinks it is good.Roshni is still with Siddharth and says I won’t let anything happen to you. She asks Siddharth to sleep at his side. Shabnam knocks on the door continuously and thinks I will see you Roshni. Roshni sleeps on his chest. Siddharth holds her. Next morning, Siddharth comes out of the bathroom and thinks his wife is still sleeping. He lies down on the bed again and pretends to sleep. Roshni wakes up and asks whatis he doing in her room. Raghu looks at the lipstick mark on his hand and asks what will he tell his darling Shabnam now. Durgardevi comes to the room and is shocked to see the lipstick marks. Roshni is shocked and says she didn’t do anything. Durgardevi asks her to go to the washroom. Raghu says you have to tell everything to your mum now. Durgardevi says idiot, and Roshni loves only Siddharth, have no place for anyone else. She asks him not to say anything toanyone. Siddharth says his destiny is bad, his mom in-law always scolds him.Simran asks Kritika, what happened yesterday night. Bunty comes and greets her good morning. Kritika makes Bunty fall down as she pulls the chair. Simran is shocked. Kritika tells her that her husband tried to make her drunk yesterday, and that Rajveer was better than him.
Simran says he is your husband and is about to say that she added drink in the soft drink, but Bunty stops her. Kritika goes. Bunty says I can’t seea mom feeling low in front of her daughter. Simran says you are really good from inside and assures him that she will unite him with his wife. She says it is a deal and shake hands with him.Sundari makes Shabnam clean the house. Shabnam sneezes. Sundari says you are very delicate, and sneezing…she asks her to clean properly. Raghu comes. Sundari asks her to make tea for Raghu. Shabnam goes to bring tea. She comes back and thinks to find out if he is Siddharth or Raghu. Raghu tells Sundari that he wants to see her reflection in his wife. Shabnam deliberately spills the tea on his chest. Sundari asks him to take out the clothes. Sid says he is fine and it is not needed. Sundari removes the shirt. Shabnam looks at his chest.Shabnam checks a mark on Raghu aka Siddharth’s chest. A flashback reveals that Siddharth had already removed the mark off of his chest by surgery. Roshni cry and tears Raghu and Shabnam’s wedding card. She feels guilty for seducing Raghu the previous night. Siddharth comes there and taunt her that she have taken away his respect first, and now she have torn his wedding card. He asks what will he tell his Shabnam now. Roshni cries and says don’t know how this has happened, and that she loves only Siddharth. Seeing Roshni feel guilty, Raghu consoles her that there is nothing toworry. You might think that I am a flirt, and don’t respect woman, but I respect woman and really cares for your respect. He says I was just joking and nothing had happened between us. Roshni asks really. Siddharth says I promise, nothing has happened between us. Roshni says joke, and beats him with pillow. Siddharth runs out of the room. Roshnithinks why do I feel that he is my Siddharth.
Raghu then meets his friend, Pinto and reveals his helplessness that he can’t hide this fact anymore. I am getting weak, whenever Roshni’s matter comes to me. He says Roshni was talking with innocence yesterday night and he want to tell her that her Siddharth is back and want to hugher. He says I am tired of acting. Pinto says today is your engagement and it was your plan. Siddharth says I am done with the plan. Pinto asks Siddharth to reveal his identity and uncover all the secrets before sisterin-law’s Roshni. At the same time, Roshni comes there and questions Siddharth as to what truth he is discussing about. Siddharth and Pinto looks on shocked. Raghu says which truth and asks if she is mad to hear two men speaking and asks her to go and do her work. He says I am paraya dhan and asks her not to stareat him. Pinto says he is getting engaged. Raghu asks if someone said statue to you, and asks her to go. Naani says you will not get engaged. Shabnam asks Roshni to take her inside and says he is my Raghu. Naani cries, and asks him not to marry Shabnam. She says you are our Siddharth, and not Raghu. Siddharth thinks he will get weak if she cries, and thinks he has been doing this for them. Durgardevi asks Naani to come with her. 
Shabnam says he is not Siddharth, but my Raghu….he is the new son in-law of this house. Naani folds her hands and asks him not to marry Shabnam. Siddharth wipes his tears. Roshni gets doubtful about his tears and decides to find out.Roshni comes to Raghu and sees him reading business magazines. She asks what is he understanding in this magazine. Siddharth says he was seeing the advertisement and tells about the offer on Pant. Roshni asks him not to hideand tell her the truth. Siddharth says I think time has come totell the truth and says I have hidden much, not anymore. He says I have decided to tell you the truth and will not hide anything. He says the truth is that………………that clouds are thundering since morning. Raghu asks enough, until when you will do drama and asks him to tell the truth. He shouts and says I am Siddharth Khurana, and I am SRK, Amitabh Bachchan etc. Roshni asks him to confess that he is her Siddharth. Siddharth says it is his limit now and pushes her. Roshni falls and gets hurt. He asks her not to touch his collar again. Later he injures his hand and thinks it is a punishment for hurting his Roshni. He asks God why he is playing game and forced him to live a double life. He says you have to end this game now, else I will punish myself daily…and you have to pay for my blood drops.Roshni cries and says my Siddharth can’t do this. She thinks if Raghu and Siddharth are two different persons, and then thinks Siddharth might have memory loss and that’s why he is not remembering them. She goes to the doctor and asks him about amnesia. The doctor asks her to make him remember all the incidents. Roshni thinks to make him remember everything before he gets engaged to Shabnam. Durgardevi sees Raghu washing clothes near the swimming pool and asks who gave him permission to wash clothes here. Siddharth says I am to be husband of the owner of this house. Durgardevi tells Roshni that Raghu is not equal to Siddharth’s nail also and that atleast Siddharth had a class. Shabnam comes and shows her ring to Raghu. She tells Roshni that she will enjoy with Raghu and will teach them a lesson. She says my mum died because of you people and you have snatched my Abbu ( father ). She invites Roshni to come for her engagement at 8 pm and that they are going tounite. Roshni thinks to make Siddharth remember everything before his engagement. She says this engagement can’t happen.
Roshni send a chit with the servant to Raghu. Raghu reads it “Do you remember my birthday”. He asks the servant to go and gets another chit “eat sweets to get good thoughts”. He asks the servants to work and reminds him of the evening engagement. Roshni thinks he can’t be Siddharth and thinks to go to the same place where her mother saw Siddharth. Siddharth thinks to meet Roshni at the place where Durgardevi saw him, and that he won’t let Roshni hope break.Bunty asks the doctor what happened to Kritika. The doctor says it is common in this situation and asks him to take care.Simran comes and asks what happened? Kritika says she gotvomiting. Bunty thinks may be Kritika got pregnant after yesterday night. Simran thinks Kritika got ill.Roshni gets ready to search for Siddharth. Siddharth comes and asks she is going to find whom and says I am near you. They have an eye lock, Mere Rubaru song plays in the background. He makes her wear earrings. Roshni thinks it is her imagination. She thinks once her Siddharth comes back then she will see Shabnam.
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