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Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 271-272)

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Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 271-272)

Pragya crying vigorously sitting on grass. Abhi looks at her from car and leaves. She tries to stop him, but thinks she should let him go as he wants to live alone now. She thinks she should go back to Sarla’s house and not inform Daadi anything.Abhi in his home hits on punching bag in rage and reminisces Pragya proposing hi thrice and then telling she cannot love him at all and fooled him. He thinks he hates her.

Purab comes to Abhi’s room and calls him and Pragya. He sees bed and thinks they did not sleep whole night as they must have spoken to each other whole night just like he and Bulbul spoke whole night when they confessed their love. He searches them everywhere and thinks they must have gone to celebrate. He asks Robin where is Abhi.He says he is missing since night and even Pragya is missing. He thinks his doubt is right, they must be celebrating. He gets Bulbul’s message to meet him right now. He thinks he should speak to Abhi and Pragya and confirm first and then inform Bulbul.

Servant sees Abhi sleeping in gym room and asks him to go and sleep in bedroom. He asks him to close curtains and reminisces Pragya saying she does not love him. He removes his engagement ring and asks servant to bring alcohol/drinks. Servant asks why drinks in the early morning. He asks him to do as he says. Servant keeps alcohol bottle and leaves. He watches news that his album became overnight hit even before release and credit goes to his wife Pragya who modeled for the album. He breaks mirror and thinks he hates Pragya. Bulbul and Purab look at house album and start their cute romantic talk. She asks him to buy all houses. He says he has to work to get somany houses for her. She asks him to work 4 hours and be with her 20 hours. He says this is too much. She says he can work 2 hours and be with her 22 hours. They continue their romantic talk. Aaliya looks at herself in mirror and thinks if she loses 2 more kilos, Purab will be mad behind her. Tanu comes and says she did not find Abhi anywhere. Aaliya says Purab must be knowing and calls him who says even he does not know where he is. He also gets tensed. Biji asks him the reason and he says Abhi is missing. Aaliya thinks Abhi must be with behanji. Tanu thinks Pragya must have informed Abhi about her fake pregnancy. Aaliya gets servants call that Abhi is in gym room since yesterday night and is drinking heavily since morning.

Taiji and Tayaji show girl’s pics to Akash and ask him to select one. He asks why. He asks why did not he ask his opinion. Taiji starts emotional atyachar and says Rachna will not marry him, so he should marry any one of these girls. He says he will not marry. Daadi interferes and convinces him to marry. He says he cannot reject her or Abhi’s request and says he will marry for her sake. Taiji gets happy and says he wants to see sehra on Akash’s head. Tanu and Aaliya reach Abhi’s gym and try to wake him up, but he murmurs repeatedly that all are bad. Tanu asks servant why did he let Abhi drink so much. Servant says he did not listen. They both then take Abhi to his room and make him sleep on bed. Tanu thinks Pragya must have told him about pregnancy, so he is tensed. Aaliya thinks Pragya must have told something, so she will go and ask him. Tanu says she will also come. Aaliya says Pragya may not open up, so she will go alone.

Pragya reaches Sarla’s home and asks Pragya what did she tell Abhi. Pragya asks what happened. She continues shouting. Pragya closes door and asks what happened to Abhi. Aaliya says Abhi is inebriated and was found on floor unconscious and asks what did she say. Pragya gets tensed.

Abhi walking up and asking where is he. Tanu says he is in his flat and asks why did he drink so much. He says this world is ruthless and nobody can be believed. She asks if someone told him something. He reminisces Pragya telling she does not love him. He asks him to rest. He continues shouting same.
Pragya on the other side tells Aaliya that she did not know her words would affect Abhi so much. Aaliya asks what did she tell him that Abhi panicked so much. Pragya says she will tell her everything but she should take her to Abhi first. Aaliya takes Pragya to Abhi’s flat and they see Abhi sleeping on Tanu’s lap. Pragya thinks she should not become emotional and hides. Aaliya says Abhi that Pragya bhabhi has come. He restlessly asks where is she.
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