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Update: Thursday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 101-103)

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Update: Thursday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 101-103)

Raghav was able to protect the chawl and he encounters Kamala and the family. What will Raghav do to decimate the Kapoor family?

Paki, Pakiya and the others tries stopping the bull dozer from demolishing the chowl. In the interim, Raghav touches base at the scene and tells the police that they can’t demolish the chowl as the papers shown to them are fake. The police informs Prem that the chowl can’t be destroyed as the papers been filed in the court. Pakiya and the others informs Kamla that they have won and that Raghav have helped them. Then again, Nettu decides to take revenge on Kamla.

Kamla, Pakiya and the others says thanks to God for sparing their home. While sharing sweets to everybody at the chowl, Kanta says thanks to Kamla. Mangesh suggest that they ought to celebrate to which Kamla answers after the prayer everybody needs to return to their various work. Kamla likewise says that she won’t work for Kapoor’s ever again. On see Kalpi unhappy Pakiya tries to brighten her up. In the mean time, Sammy congratulates Raghav on helping Kamla and the others however Raghav gets baffled and tells  Sammy to leave him alone.

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