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Update: Thursday On Young Dreams (Episode 281-283)

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Update: Thursday On Young Dreams (Episode 281-283)

Rachna again coughs suddenly, Vihan and Shail asks her for coughing. Vihan asks her for date. He tells her that he kept promise not to disturb her and now her turn. Rachna says him to go to hell and she would cut the call. Vihan tells her that she could cut the call but not him because he is on their terrace. Rachna gets shocked and screams, Shail sees her. Rachna tells him that she would not come to terrace. Vihan threatens her that he would come down so Rachna gets agree.

Aakash in anger packing bags asks Gunjan to pack her luggage too. Gunjan request him that she cannot leave as she loves Mayank so what he has some problems in his life. And she says Aakash that Mayank would solve them soon. Aakash says her that he is not interested in Mayank or his problems. Dayal comes there and requests Aakash let Gunjan to stay at Garg house. And he also has one daughter and knows very well that he is worried for Gunjan s future only. Dayal says that Gunjan has become now their daughter after death of Sneha. Aakash asks Dayal that If he would give Rachna s hand to jobless guy who is not apt for her. Dayal agrees with him. And requests him not to back with such anger. Aakash agrees Dayal and demands that Mayank should stay away from Gunjan . Mayank overhears all this.

Aakash tells Mayank that he will take Gunjan away to Austrelia . Mayank tells that he will sort out all problems soon. And only after then he will ask Gunjan s hand for him.

Seema sees Mayank going back from room of Mayank and she consoles Mayank that both love each other. Mayank requests her to calm down saying that Aakash is not wrong and Shail comes there and encourages Mayank to get success so that whole world would appreciate him. Mayank asks her Aashirwaad for that Shail says that all are always with him.

Rachna comes on terrace and asks him to go back because of tension at home. Vihan tells her that he knows already that Gunjan did not get marry and asks her reason that why she denied. but Rachna denies to tell the truth as that is none of his business. Vihan asks her to accepts rose but she denies.. so he threatens her that he will not go back. Suddenly she hears voice of Shail and fears and request to go back to Vihan but he hides behind pillar when Shail comes there. Shail asks her that why she is on terrace, she excuses and takes Shail down to home.

Gunjan is missing Sneha on terrace, Mayank consoles her and cheers her up. He makes her dream with taking phere and getting all blessing from all relatives. And Gunjan is with tears of happiness and hugs Mayank . Mayank promises her that he will solve all problems ASAP and tells her that aakash can take her away but in form of his AMAANAT and he will get her soon.

Gunjan tells Aakash that she is ready to go with him.. Shail encourages Gunjan that she and Mayank are agree to stay away from each other though they love too much each other. Shail requests her to come back soon. Gunjan tells her that she would def come back and knows that Mayank will sure come there to take back to here.

Charu is in jail Mayank comes and wants her to sign the divorce papers she refuses. They hava a huge argument and he leaves.Charu s mom comes and she tells that she wants the biggest divorce lawyer of the country,

Seema calls Mayank and he says that Charu refused divorce he also informs that he has gone for some job related work

Seema and Sangeeta talking that Akash was wrong and that it s even Gunjan s fault but Seema says we cant do anything as our luck is bad and Aksh will take Gunjan to Austarlia convine her and get her married to a rich guy while Mayank will suffer life long as he wont get Gunjan and happiness. Gunjan overhears this

Mayank goes to the interview and shows his certificates. The interviewer is happy with his grades he asks the reason for quitting so soon from the first job. Mayank says about the fake dowry case but he is rejected as he is overqualified as the Market id tight for his resume. The interviewer says he will tell him in two three days and gives him a number of a placement agency.

Gunjan is crying Akash comes in and informs ticket s are arranged and to start packing. Akash says it s tough but he is doing it for her and to smile. He tells Rachna if she had a passport he would take her with him.

Rachna tells Gunjan not to cry and not to go. Gunjan says that she does not want to even live one minute without Mayank as he iss going through a tough phase in his life. Rachna tells her tto convince Akash.
Seems is dejected that Charu is not ready to give divorce.

Mayank comes back and says not to worry he will get a job soon. He even tells that he has called a lawyer and will return every single thing of Charu which is in their house.
Akash takes Gunjan out to the market. Mayank remembers that Gunjan will leave in three days and that he does not have a job and Charu has not divorced her.

Mayank get s a call and comes to know there is no job opening right now and only after a month.Rachna tells Gunjan that she has an idea and Gunjan agrees to it.

Lawyer tells Mayank and his family that it’s better to do out of court settlement, but Mayank says that he wants Charu to get punishment for what she has done. Lawyer explains them this way they can’t get this case over as fast as Mayank and his family want. Mayank’s family says they will think and let him know what to do. Rachana comes and takes Mayank on a side. She tells some plan to him, but Mayank doesn’t think it will work. Rachna says it will.
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